Barber shave Amsterdam | Hot Towel Shave

Barber shaves with pre shaving cream, hot towels, hot lather, steam, straight razor, after care.

Try one of our master barber shaves: Italian Shave, American Shave, Ultimate Shave or even Bald Shave and be suprised. Very relaxing!

The Italian Strong Shave

A hot towel shave with the straight razor and hot lather followed by hydrating after shave lotion. Price: € 35,–

The American Urban Shave

It’s the Italian Shave with the American Touch. Includes a hot lather straight razor shave, 3 hot towels, 2 cold towels, a refreshing after shave splash, face massage and after care. Price: € 48,-

The 5 Step ultimate shave

A shave and facial in one, in 5 basic steps. Clean, prepare, shave, feed and hydrate. Perfect for skin and wellbeing. Price: €60,–

The Hangover Shave

A real hangover killer because of his cold touch. Includes a straight razor lather shave, 3 cold ice towels, lemons and ice cubes. Price: € 40,–

The Double Smoother 

Smooth Skin Smooth Head.  A combination of The Italian Shave and The Top Of The Rock. Price: € 68,–

The Top Of The Rock

Includes a straight razor bald shave, hot towels and after shave care. Price: € 40,– YouTube Preview Image