Men Waxing

Men body wax: Back, Shoulders,Chest,Abs,Bottum, legs, Arms & Feet

Boyzilian waxing: Brazilian men wax, Columbian men wax, Hollywood men wax, The BSC wax

A majority of men wax or shave their body to get rid of unwanted hair.  Especially for men under 30s waxing or shaving their body is becoming increasingly mainstream. The most popular areas are the pubic region, chest, back an bottom. A complete hair free body is also very popular.

For today’s modern man, hair removal has extended past a simple shave of the face. Men remove hair from their head, the pubic region, chest, arms, back, bottom, arms, legs and also their feet. SYU has a lot of years experience in men waxing. SYU wax method is based on removing unwanted hair from the root and specially developed for men. Our method gives less pain and redness. All our wax applicators are suitable for all skin types.

Men Body Waxing:

Back & Shoulder: € 40,–
Chest & Abdomen: € 40,–
Legs: € 60,–
Arms: € 40,–
Armpits: € 20,–

Boyzilian Waxing:

Bottom & Crack: €  40,–
Brazilian Men Wax: Shaft & Scrotum €  40,–
Columbian Men Wax: Shaft & Scrotum & Pubic Hair € 50,–
Hollywood Men Wax: Shaft & Scrotum & Pubic Hair & Crack € 60
The BSC: Back & Sack & Crack Wax € 90,–
Total Body wax € 230,–

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