SYU Men Facial,When skin meets nature! 

99.9% natural botanical products.

Young Clean Face

Our most popular cleansing facial includes: Face wash, Deep face scrub,
 blackheads and pimples, Hot towels, and protecting moisturizing crème.

Price: € 45,–         

Urban Wellbeing

Our top facial is suitable for all skin types. Includes: Face wash, essential oil massage,
hot towels, hot steam,
 cleansing mask and a moisturizer. Price: € 65,–

Urban Wellbeing +

Pimp up your facial! The Urban Wellbeing facial with a lot of extra’s. Detoxing clay mask,
eye cream with massage, walnut exfoliation,
 a glass of champagne! Price: € 90,–

Grooming Advice

Our Men’s Grooming Specialist is always available for your questions about face care,
products or skin problems. Free