Body Grooming

Body Shave, Body Trim, Body Wax, Classic Massage and more

Your favorite body grooming treatments

Body Shave

Just another method to remove unwanted hair you wish it wasn’t there.
Only this time we use a razor to clean up all your area’s. We use moisturizing
shaving cream for preparing and moisturizing  the skin before shaving.

Back & Shoulder: € 35,–
Chest & Abdomen: € 35,–
Legs: € 55,–
Arms: € 35,–
Armpits: € 20,–
Bottom & Crack: €  40,–
Pubic: €  50,–

Body Trim

If you want to keep your hair but it’s too long, we will trim and clipper it for
you until we have the perfect length.

Back & Shoulder: € 20,–
Chest & Abdomen: € 20,–
Legs: € 30,–
Arms: € 20,–

The Handshake

A handshake is men’s signature! Our hand and nail treatment includes:
nail & nail belt detailing , polish nail surface, hand massage with
moisturizing crème.
 Price: € 45,–

Feet Clean Up

Men makes 10.000 steps a day! So it’s time for some care, this clean up includes:
A foot bath with anti bacterial supplements, Clipping Nails, remove calluses,
short foot massage with crème. Price:  € 55,–

Body Waxing

Our wax method is based on removing unwanted hair from the root with
the combination of a new wax applicator head, individually wrapped and sterile,
and our special “move fast press down” method for less pain and redness.
All our wax applicators are suitable for all skin types.

Back & Shoulder: € 40,–
Chest & Abdomen: € 40,–
Legs: € 60,–
Arms: € 40,–
Armpits: € 20,–
Bottom & Crack: €  40,–
Pubic: €  50,–
Full Intimate: € 160,–
Total: € 230,–